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Inqwire is dedicated to helping the world make sense.

Our mission.

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to promote the specific public benefit of providing people with environments and experiences that increase their self-efficacy and empower them to develop and share their life wisdom, where the environments and experiences are free from biases and limiting interpretations. We create environments and experiences that:

Increase self-efficacy

The solution is in you, not our product. There is no person better suited to navigate your life than you. Inqwire is dedicated to giving you tools that empower you to find your own solutions and pilot your life.

Remain neutral and unbiased

We are all subject to cognitive biases that bend and distort our reality. Inqwire will continue to research and develop tools to increase your resistance to bias and to remove our own.

Exclude limiting interpretations

Each life is incredibly unique. It doesn't make sense to compare ourselves to what is 'average.' That’s why Inqwire will never make any classification, prediction, or diagnosis of any tendency, deviation, deficiency, proficiency, disease, disorder or imbalance arrived at through the comparison between individuals or groups.

A business built to benefit.

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation

Inqwire strives to benefit as many people as possible. To do this, Inqwire combines the advantages of profitability with the purpose driven core of a non-profit. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Inqwire is legally required to adhere to the ethical grounds on which the company was created.

Company Philosophy

Strong Roots

Inqwire has made a deliberate choice to grow strong roots. Fast tech startups seek funding that optimizes for going big and going fast. In contrast, Inqwire follows the model of 'slow tech', which grows as fast as it can while minimizing risk by making careful decisions. Slow tech means we cut no corners in building high quality software that our customers love and that we believe in. We are committed to growing our technology from the ground up.


We build software that's effective, not sticky. Much of the software technology world survives by how addictive or sticky their products are. We are on a mission to help you make sense of life as quickly as possible so you can get away from the computer and back to living. The faster you achieve your goals, the better.

A Commitment to Stakeholders

We do business the old fashioned way. We provide a service and charge you what we need to continue to offer that service to you as affordably as we can. In this way, we can continue to grow organically and remain healthy and strong at any size. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are required to consider the best interests of users and other stakeholders as part of how we do business.

Grown and Pruned By Science

Scientific truths are not static. They reflect our best understanding so far and evolve as we learn more. We are committed to continually refine our software to reflect current scientific understanding.

Join the team.

Help grow a company with a big vision.

Inqwire is looking for software engineers with a passion for understanding and innovating around how to empower people to make sense of their lives.

If this is you, send us your CV.