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Inqwire is dedicated to helping the world make sense.

Company Philosophy

The Solution is in You, Not Our Products

There is no person better suited to navigate your life than you. Inqwire is dedicated to giving you tools that empower you to find your own solutions and pilot your life.

A Break from Biases and Limiting Interpretations

Each life is incredibly unique. It doesn't make sense to compare ourselves to what is 'average.' That’s why Inqwire will never make any classification, prediction, or diagnosis of any tendency, deviation, deficiency, proficiency, disease, disorder or imbalance arrived at through the comparison between individuals or groups.

Time Well Spent

We build software that's effective, not addictive. Much of the software technology world survives by how addictive or ‘sticky’ their products are. We are on a mission to help you make sense of things as quickly as possible so you can get away from the computer and back to living. The faster you achieve your goals, the better.

Grow at the Speed of Clarity

Many companies find themselves forced to make short-sighted decisions when they are constrained by shareholders interests. Inqwire is part of a growing movement encompassed by terms such as ‘bootstrapping’, ‘purpose-driven’, ‘organic growth’, or ‘slow-tech’ where companies do everything in their power to make decisions that are good for the long-term health of the company and its stakeholders. At Inqwire we reject the frenetic pace of ‘growth at any cost’ and instead we strive to grow at ‘the speed of clarity’.

A business built to benefit.

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation

Inqwire strives to benefit as many people as possible. To do this, Inqwire combines the advantages of profitability with the purpose driven core of a non-profit. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Inqwire is legally required to adhere to the ethical grounds on which the company was created.

A Commitment to Stakeholders

The stakeholders of a company include the customers, partners, the employees, the investors. Traditional for-profit companies are committed first to the financial interests of their shareholders. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we consider all the stakeholders, financial and non-financial, as well as considering our impact on communities and the environment.

Our Public Benefit Mission Statement

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to promote the specific public benefit of providing people with environments and experiences that help them make sense of life individually and collectively and increase their self-efficacy in doing so, where the environments are designed to enhance cognition and minimize influences that distort cognition such as biases and limiting interpretations and: (i) the term "biases" refers to externally applied evaluation such as good versus bad or right versus wrong: and (ii) the phrase "limiting interpretations" refers to any externally applied classification, prediction, or diagnosis of any tendency, deviation, deficiency, proficiency, disease, disorder, or imbalance or any other externally applied measure arrived at through comparing individuals or groups.

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Inqwire is looking for software engineers with a passion for understanding and innovating around how to empower people to reach clarity and insight about their lives.

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