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Inqwire is a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to create a world that makes sense by empowering individuals and organizations with tools, experiences, and education around sensemaking.


Right now, humanity is experiencing a sensemaking crisis resulting in an inability to solve the most critically urgent challenges threatening our future both collectively and individually.

The sensemaking crisis is our most fundamental barrier to successfully addressing just about every challenge we care about, from climate change, to mental health, to human rights, and beyond. We believe that solving this crisis is the single most important thing humanity can do to create a world that makes sense.

Fortunately, In the 21st century, our fundamental understanding of how the mind works has been flipped on its head, leading to a new understanding and new principles that tell us that there is something we can do to address this crisis.

Inqwire exists to tackle the sensemaking crisis head on through the development of technology, training, education, environments, and experiences that are designed to leverage these principles and understanding to restore, enhance, and accelerate the sensemaking abilities of humanity.

Our Current Initiatives

Mental Health
World Wisdom
Social Division
Collective Action
Mental Health

Address the Mental Health Crisis

Provide tools and training to help people make sense of things faster and more affordably than traditional talk therapy.

The sensemaking crisis has resulted in people losing the fundamental ability to make sense of their lives. When people can’t make sense of their lives, they make poor choices, can’t navigate their lives, and can’t solve their personal problems. This leads to various states of psychological despair that fuel the mental health and substance abuse crisis we are facing today.

To address this crisis, we need to deliver easy to use and affordable sensemaking tools and training.

Inqwire has developed, tested, and is now deploying affordable software and coaching solutions specifically designed to help people make sense of things. Unlike traditional mental health services, Inqwire’s solutions are designed specifically for sensemaking, which makes them faster, more effective, and more affordable.


Create a Society of Empowered Individuals

Deliver tools and training for sensemaking that increase personal empowerment and self-efficacy.

Humanity is facing numerous challenges that threaten both our future as a society and our survival as a species. While many are actively working to address these challenges, it is not enough.

If we want to effectively and rapidly address these challenges, both large and small, we need as many people as possible who have the personal empowerment and self-efficacy to do and create things to help the world make sense.

Sensemaking as a practice provides a direct and rapid path to increasing personal empowerment and self-efficacy, and Inqwire is currently offering solutions designed to help people realize their full sensemaking capacity for personal empowerment and self-efficacy.

World Wisdom

Increase the Wisdom of The World

Deliver tools and training to help anyone develop and grow personal empowerment and self-efficacy.

As part of the sensemaking crisis, the world is experiencing a ‘Wisdom Poverty’. Wisdom is not parables or platitudes, wisdom comes from our own unique direct experiences with life. When we distill and articulate those experiences, we capture highly valuable knowledge that can be shared to help others navigate and make sense.

We now know from science that wisdom is not restricted by age, and the thinking that leads to wisdom is something that can actually be taught and learned. The wisdom lying within each and every person is essential to the future survival and success of humanity, and it is barely even being tapped.

Inqwire has found that sensemaking is directly tied to the both the collection and development of wisdom, and is working on solutions that both leverage and increase the wisdom of humans.


Sensemaking in Schools

Sensemaking is the new critical thinking. Bring sensemaking to students of all ages as a way to build and train the way of thinking humanity needs for the future.

In the past century, modern culture has been dominated by a way of thinking that has increased the amount of nonsense in the world and brought humanity further away from its senses. While this way of thinking was once seen as the ideal, it is not the way of thinking we need for the future.

To create a world that makes sense, we need to change the way the world thinks. We now know that sensemaking provides a framework of thinking that accelerates learning, problem solving, and trains the kind of thinking humanity needs to successfully navigate complexity and make decisions that make sense.

Inqwire is currently working with schools to bring sensemaking training and activities into the classroom.

Social Division

Neutralize Social and Political Tribalism

Find commonality and restore a sense of togetherness with others through sensemaking networks and activities.

Recent years have put a spotlight on dangerous levels of division and ‘political tribalism’ in society. Behind this division is the work of various factors and forces, such as manipulative forms of media, that actively block people’s ability to make sense of reality, and frame our neighbors and friends as enemies.

One of the most significant threats to creating a world that makes sense is an inability to see each other as allies and work together rather than against each other. Sensemaking can fast track the restoration of people’s recollection of the shared context they have with others, and break the illusions that are created to put us against each other.

Inqwire is currently developing sensemaking networks and activities that address societal and cultural division through tools that make it easy and safe for people with different alliances to come together.


Expand Access to Environments that Support Sensemaking

Access the best environments for sensemaking that are affordable and free from ideologies.

Guaranteed solitude, quiet, long views and nature are essential ingredients in an environment that’s conducive for high quality sensemaking. But only a small percentage of the world’s population is fortunate to have access to an environment with even one of these ingredients, and for those who do have access, it’s often provided by retreat centers that offer their own programs and ideologies that are often not conducive to sensemaking.

We can’t create a world that makes sense if the people we need are unable to think and make sense of things because of their environment. We need to expand access to environments that support sensemaking.

Inqwire is actively developing new models, platforms, and experiences to provide more people with affordable access to the kinds of environments and the self-guided tools they need to successfully make sense of life and the world, removing the need for expensive programs or the pressure to adopt polarizing ideologies.

Collective Agency

Create Change through Collective Agency

Empowering individuals and groups to work together with greater impact on solving the most important problems.

Even with all the individuals and groups who are trying to make positive change happen in the world, it’s not nearly enough. Failures of collective problem solving, orientation, and effective action are crippling the greater effort to create a world that makes sense within an ever shrinking window of time.

We need to organize the individuals who are trying to make change and dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of collective action.

Inqwire is actively developing new processes and models to empower and enhance the collective agency to solve the most important problems.

Inqwire's Sensemaking Technology Platform

Inqwire's existence is predicated on the discovery and development of a universal technology platform for sensemaking.

The platform was developed over 10 years, and was guided by an attempt to answer a fundamental question: how does technology interact with the mind's ability to make sense, and what are the principles that technology should follow to maximize natural intelligence and self-efficacy?

This resulted in the distillation of a set of fundamental scientific mechanisms and guiding principles that served as a blueprint for the creation of a universal model and technology for sensemaking that powers everything we build to tackle the sensemaking crisis.

Based on the latest in cognitive science.

Inqwire synthesizes well-established research from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology and information science into a single platform designed to help you make sense.

ResilienceResilience High MoraleHigh Morale well-beingwell-being JoyJoy Work EnjoymentWork Enjoyment General HealthGeneral Health HopeHope Life SatisfactionLife Satisfaction Immune FunctionImmune Function VitalityVitality Positive EmotionsPositive Emotions Self WorthSelf Worth Sense of CoherenceSense of Coherence Self ControlSelf Control Self-efficacySelf-efficacy LoveLove Conscien-tiousnessConscientiousness Openness to ExperienceOpenness to Experience HappinessHappiness AdjustmentAdjustment Visual IntelligenceVisual Intelligence Quality of LifeQuality of Life Self-EsteemSelf-Esteem Self-AcceptanceSelf-Acceptance Positive Self RegardPositive Self Regard Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence Self MasterySelf Mastery AutonomyAutonomy GrowthGrowth AmbitionAmbition Personal ResponsibilityPersonal Responsibility Positive OutlookPositive Outlook Future OptimismFuture Optimism Coping with the PastCoping with the Past Emotional FocusEmotional Focus Emotional RegulationEmotional Regulation Transcendent ExperiencesTranscendent Experiences Negative EmotionsNegative Emotions FearFear RuminationRumination StressStress Psychological DistressPsychological Distress NeuroticismNeuroticism ShameShame PsychoticismPsychoticism PTSDPTSD DepressionDepression AnxietyAnxiety Hostility and AggressionHostility and Aggression HopelessnessHopelessness Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation Greater Fear of DeathGreater Fear of Death Criminal BehaviorCriminal Behavior Homeless-nessHomelessness Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse AngerAnger Higher MortalityHigher Mortality Poorer Physical HealthPoorer Physical Health SadnessSadness
Having the sense that one’s life has meaning and purpose is believed to be an outcome of having "made sense of life", also known as "meaning-making", and it has been shown to be correlated with everything in a colored circle and anti-correlated with everything in a grey circle.

Company Philosophy

The Solution is in You, Not Our Products

There is no person better suited to navigate your life than you. Inqwire is dedicated to giving you tools that empower you to find your own solutions and pilot your life.

A Break from Biases and Limiting Interpretations

Each life is incredibly unique. It doesn't make sense to compare ourselves to what is 'average.' That’s why Inqwire will never make any classification, prediction, or diagnosis of any tendency, deviation, deficiency, proficiency, disease, disorder or imbalance arrived at through the comparison between individuals or groups.

Time Well Spent

We build software that's effective, not addictive. Much of the software technology world survives by how addictive or ‘sticky’ their products are. We are on a mission to help you make sense of things as quickly as possible so you can get away from the computer and back to living. The faster you achieve your goals, the better.

Grow at the Speed of Clarity

Many companies find themselves forced to make short-sighted decisions when they are constrained by shareholders interests. Inqwire is part of a growing movement encompassed by terms such as ‘bootstrapping’, ‘purpose-driven’, ‘organic growth’, or ‘slow-tech’ where companies do everything in their power to make decisions that are good for the long-term health of the company and its stakeholders. At Inqwire we reject the frenetic pace of ‘growth at any cost’ and instead we strive to grow at ‘the speed of clarity’.

A business built to benefit.

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation

Inqwire strives to benefit as many people as possible. To do this, Inqwire combines the advantages of profitability with the purpose driven core of a non-profit. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Inqwire is legally required to adhere to the ethical grounds on which the company was created.

A Commitment to Stakeholders

The stakeholders of a company include the customers, partners, the employees, the investors. Traditional for-profit companies are committed first to the financial interests of their shareholders. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we consider all the stakeholders, financial and non-financial, as well as considering our impact on communities and the environment.

Our Public Benefit Mission Statement

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to promote the specific public benefit of providing people with environments and experiences that help them make sense of life individually and collectively and increase their self-efficacy in doing so, where the environments are designed to enhance cognition and minimize influences that distort cognition such as biases and limiting interpretations and: (i) the term "biases" refers to externally applied evaluation such as good versus bad or right versus wrong: and (ii) the phrase "limiting interpretations" refers to any externally applied classification, prediction, or diagnosis of any tendency, deviation, deficiency, proficiency, disease, disorder, or imbalance or any other externally applied measure arrived at through comparing individuals or groups.

Join us.

Help create a world that makes sense.

If you have a passion for understanding and innovating around how to empower people to reach clarity and insight about their lives, or already working in this area contact us.