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Become a Pioneer of the First Community of Practice around Natural Intelligence

Inqwire is forming a community of practice around natural intelligence.

This community of practice will pioneer the real-world application of natural intelligence practices and tools across different domains and lead the way for others as an essential step towards winning the race against insanity and creating a world that makes sense.

You can also learn more about the community of practice by checking out our podcast episode about it here.


We are creating the first community of practice for natural intelligence to support people who want to take on a serious and earnest commitment to restoring and applying natural intelligence.

Participants of the community will discover richer, deeper, more transformative, and larger scale applications of natural intelligence technology, and they will serve an essential role in solving the transition the world needs to make towards natural intelligence.

What Will Participants Be Empowered to Do?

With the Inqwire tools and practices, we expect that within just hours or weeks, you will be fully capable of designing the following kinds of experiences for yourself and others:

1) Self-guided ‘retreats' where you can:

  • Work through big life transitions
  • Make sense of the past
  • Navigate major life decisions

2) Individual and group integration intensives and retreats following transformative experiences and post-plant medicine experiences.

3) Develop a practice to learn to engage metacognitive skills to quickly get out of painful psychological states.

4) Facilitate collective processes to exchange tacit knowledge within communities of interest.

5) Develop natural intelligence based business and organizational models that can also be used for scenario planning and strategy.

6) Develop natural intelligence based practices centered on relationship work, team dynamics, and navigating conflicts and more.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in the Community?

Participate in a Unique Practice Framework that Can Adapt and Keep Up with Modern Cognitive Science

Participants will be going into truly new territory with new practices completely based on modern cognitive science along with cutting edge technology for enhancing higher-level human cognition. Historically, people adopt practices that others do, or practices based on something else that was done in the past. People offering these practices cannot easily change to adapt to our latest understanding because their professional identity, business models, and communities of practice are tied to this history.

This creates a problem where even practices that don't work or that have been scientifically invalidated continue to be practiced and adopted.

Inqwire avoids this by being only bound by its mission statement to help create a world that makes sense. We have built a flexible framework based on first principles of cognitive science that is designed with the ability to adapt and adjust to our latest understanding of how to best achieve this mission.

For this reason, we use the entire scientific community, across numerous disciplines, and the entire psychotechnology practices communities to incorporate, distill, and integrate the latest and best understanding into the Inqwire platform.

Be Part of a Unique Community

You are going to be surrounded by a group of people who will be training in powerful natural intelligence practices while being equipped with exclusive access to technology to enhance their natural intelligence.

This means there is the possibility to make alliances with uniquely capable people, which could lead to new collaborations and new ventures that apply your group insight-based inquiry to problems of shared interest.

Play a Critical Role in a Meaningful Mission

The community of practice will play a critical role in the mission to win the race against insanity and create a world that makes sense.

As a participant, your participation could have a significant impact on the future of humanity.

Get Lots of Personal, Real-Time Support

This community of practice is extremely special and important to us and we are going to be limiting it to 1000 people. As a participant, we will be providing you with as much as we can to support you with the natural intelligence practices and tools. And by limiting the group size, we expect to be able to give everyone more personal time and attention as needed.

Special Events, Experiences, and More

We plan to host various events and experiences for the participants to both build a strong community and provide supportive environments for practicing natural intelligence. These may come in the form of in person and online retreats, workshops, Q&As, office hours, or gatherings of other kinds.

Lifetime Access to the Natural Intelligence Technology

All participants will be getting lifetime access to the Inqwire technology, because we want you to have the tools forever, without having to worry.

Who is a Good Fit for the Community?

We are going to be highly committed to our participants, so we are looking for people who will be committed, engaged, communicative, and excited to be an early adopter.

We want people who are highly motivated to practice, experiment with, and apply natural intelligence to their personal lives, communities, organizations, and other aspects of life and the world.

What is the Commitment?

We want participants to be ready to commit to a long-term investment with us to grow with the tools and practices as they pursue richer, deeper, more transformative, and larger scale experiences and applications of natural intelligence.

For this reason, we are starting the community by offering 1000 lifetime memberships.

The proceeds from the lifetime memberships will go directly towards supporting our ability to give the first 1,000 people our full care, attention, and support.

How to Join

We are currently accepting applications for the community of practice. People accepted into the program will go on a waitlist until we have enough applicants to guarantee a group of at least 20 people to launch the community and begin supporting them.

After that we will go in order, starting from the first applicants, andWe will accept applicants as we have capacity, until we reach our goal of 1,000 pioneers.

We plan to scale the community with care, community input, and in an overall way that makes sense. This means that we may pause admissions at times, so if you want to get in early, we recommend you apply sooner than later!


We've asked our users how working things out with Lucidly's tools has influenced their life, how it has made them feel, and how it compares to their experiences with therapy, with talking things out with friends and family, and with sorting things out through journaling, after using Lucidly's tools for anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. These are some representative responses:

"Facilitating a group process with Lucidly was a wonderful experience, really effective, and pulled on my natural skills as a facilitator. The software could ‘hold space’ and I felt supported in running the group. I could imagine this helping facilitators hold on to the role even if the group dynamics are difficult."

"I was hoping for a good family conversation where we could learn more about each other and I got that with Lucidly!"

"I like using Lucidly with others as an activity because it feels deeper and more guided than a normal conversation."

"Using Lucidly with my family makes dinner less silent and more meaningful. It brings our family together."

"I think using Lucidly would be fun at church or bible study because it would help break the ice and it gives thought experiments that are easy for anyone to relate to."

"Using Lucidly helped me learn more about others in my family."

"When I'm participating in a group using Lucidly, I love that I can just choose to listen because I always learn something."

"Before Lucidly I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had."

"Lucidly provides a wonderful tool for stepping back and taking stock of one's life. I love the simplicity of just answering questions that speak to me. Over time I am feeling a stronger sense of peace and confidence as my life is coming back into focus.

I love how everything I capture from my life is presented back to me through the prompts. There have been many times where I am prompted to look for connections and one will jump out and I think 'That's it! I totally see it now!' and I have this moment of clarity where I have a new insight about myself. It's almost like putting together I giant jig-saw puzzle of one's self and seeing a whole picture emerge."

"Lucidly has opened me up like a book, and taught me how to examine my life in a meaningful and powerful way.

It has provided me with the best return, by far, on my time spent working on myself. Once I saw the patterns within my own life I haven't forgotten them. I am now free to choose to change what I want to, and importantly, to see what I don't want to change.

It is a fun and challenging system that is there 24/7. Insights don't come on a schedule, and I like knowing that Lucidly is there to help me capture and explore them.

I learned more about my life in 6 hours of using the system than 2 years of talk therapy."

"I am naturally a scoffer at self-help tools, for a variety of reasons, none that I can attach to Lucidly. I am astounded how easy it is to use and how diverse its range is. The prompts were easy and compelling."

There are many things I could go on about my favorite was that I could keep it as simple as I liked. Yet, I realize I could delve into anything I so desired or felt I needed to explore within myself.

The safety net of no one ever being able to access my private thoughts is the most important feature of Lucidly."

"I JUST started using Lucidly this evening and wow. Just wow. I can't believe how quickly I got down deep into some insights that I did NOT have before."

"I measured my life outlook before and after using Lucidly and all of my levels had increased from the beginning of the session by at least 30% -- which makes sense because I felt so much better."

"What I really like is that I can use Lucidly at my own pace, sometimes in a therapy session I feel pressured to say things I’m not comfortable talking about yet."

"I feel more secure (with Lucidly than with therapy) because I know that it is only being seen by me."

"The software let me pause and think. That resembled real life meditation - really cool."

"Lucidly is similar to talking to family and friends. It's almost like venting. I've never been to therapy but I feel like Lucidly is very much like a therapist, asking questions, seeking clarity, etc."

"Lucidly has been very life changing and very empowering for me. I am a private person by nature but even more so when it comes to my emotional well-being. I am not one to ask for help or seek out the help of others when I am hurting or am confused.

This had lead me to harbor anger and resentment and left me unable to move on in many parts of my life. But Lucidly has changed this.

I am able to go onto the app and work through very private emotions and feelings and get these feelings sorted out in the privacy of my own home. I no longer find myself 'stuck' in an emotional loop but instead am finding resolution and peace. Using Lucidly has become part of my daily life."

"Lucidly is much better than talking to others because i'm looking into myself for the answers to my behavior instead of trying to reflect off of someone who may have other biases."

"I was able to talk about several aspects of an issue and explore them in depth. In some ways, Lucidly helped me realize connections that I didn’t even see before in my own life."

"I think Lucidly offers a very unique and practical solution to help people work through anything on their minds."

"Lucidly is much more productive (than therapy) I think because it allows me to explore topics at my own pace and allows me to answer questions that offer some insight in to my behavior and feelings without adding extra bias or input such as seeing a therapist."

"I think Lucidly is much better than journaling because it is guided and allows me to stay on topic."

"After using Lucidly, I feel like this might be a viable alternative for a daily therapy session."

"I think Lucidly eliminates a lot of the deterrences most of us deal with when thinking about talking about certain matters with a friend or family member."

"Delving into Lucidly literally has made me feel emotionally and even physically lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

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