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Everything that matters, all in one place.

Every life has hundreds of important pieces. Keep track of each one in your very own life model, safely stored on your computer and not on the Internet.

Get the full 360.

Your life model enables Inqwire to help you look at things from every angle.

Never miss a critical piece of the puzzle.

See the relevant aspects from your life model in the context of the questions you’re asked.

Consider every dimension.

Sort out how things fit, or don’t fit, across multiple dimensions of life.

Think faster with an artificial memory.

It can take minutes to days to retrieve things from memory. Inqwire does the remembering for you, so you can sort things out things faster.

Give your memory a break.

All you have to do is look for patterns and make connections.

Enter once, remember forever.

Once an aspect is added to your life model, it’s available in every future session unless you delete it.

Our users report reaching insights within minutes.

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Everything you need to sort it all out.

$12 per month after that. No credit card required.

  • Unlimited Custom Questions
  • Interactive Visual Interface
  • Desktop, Web & Mobile
  • Auto-Generated Model of Your Life
  • Life Outlook Tracking


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