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Personal Sensemaking Workshop

Learn How to Make Sense of Anything On Your Own

In this weekend workshop, you’ll be given the tools, support, and time to make sense of things in your life.
As part of this, you’ll learn and practice how to address painful psychological states, resolve what’s bothering you, and reach the insights you need to learn and grow in life.
By the end of the weekend, you’ll not only have greater clarity and a deeper understanding of your life, you’ll have a reliable process for making sense of things on your own that you can leverage for the rest of your life.

What if You Could Rely on Yourself to Make Sense of Anything in Life?

What if you could make sense of things in life completely on your own? How would your life be different?
Imagine that when you’re struggling with negative feelings, you could address those feelings on your own. Or when you’re not sure what’s bothering you, you knew exactly how to get to the bottom of it and reach a resolution. Or when you feel like you’re lost in life, you could quickly reorient yourself and find your way forward.
When you’re able to make sense of things in life on your own, it means you can rely on yourself. It means that when you can’t or don’t want to get help from others, you’re not stuck. You can navigate things on your own, and you’re no longer dependent on others. You have the tools and skills you need to direct your own life and navigate towards what’s best for you.
But what are those tools and skills? Inqwire has spent over a decade researching exactly what’s required for making sense of things in life, and developing tools and training to support and accelerate the process.
This workshop is a full weekend immersion in making sense of things in your life. You’ll be following a reliable process for making sense of anything in life, while applying unique and powerful tools to help you.
The primary goal is to help you make as much progress as possible on making sense of things in your life during the workshop. And, to give you everything you need to make sense of anything in your life going forward.

Based 100% on 21st Century Cognitive Science

Modern cognitive science has revealed that we all rely on a powerful form of intelligence called 'natural intelligence' to make sense of things and navigate life.
But when our natural intelligence breaks down, it leads to painful psychological states, the inability to think clearly, failing to make sense of things, and much more.
We've synthesized well-established research from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and information science that reveal the essential inquiry skills you need to restore, protect, and enhance your natural intelligence.
ResilienceResilience High MoraleHigh Morale well-beingwell-being JoyJoy Work EnjoymentWork Enjoyment General HealthGeneral Health HopeHope Life SatisfactionLife Satisfaction Immune FunctionImmune Function VitalityVitality Positive EmotionsPositive Emotions Self WorthSelf Worth Sense of CoherenceSense of Coherence Self ControlSelf Control Self-efficacySelf-efficacy LoveLove Conscien-tiousnessConscientiousness Openness to ExperienceOpenness to Experience HappinessHappiness AdjustmentAdjustment Visual IntelligenceVisual Intelligence Quality of LifeQuality of Life Self-EsteemSelf-Esteem Self-AcceptanceSelf-Acceptance Positive Self RegardPositive Self Regard Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence Self MasterySelf Mastery AutonomyAutonomy GrowthGrowth AmbitionAmbition Personal ResponsibilityPersonal Responsibility Positive OutlookPositive Outlook Future OptimismFuture Optimism Coping with the PastCoping with the Past Emotional FocusEmotional Focus Emotional RegulationEmotional Regulation Transcendent ExperiencesTranscendent Experiences Negative EmotionsNegative Emotions FearFear RuminationRumination StressStress Psychological DistressPsychological Distress NeuroticismNeuroticism ShameShame PsychoticismPsychoticism PTSDPTSD DepressionDepression AnxietyAnxiety Hostility and AggressionHostility and Aggression HopelessnessHopelessness Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation Greater Fear of DeathGreater Fear of Death Criminal BehaviorCriminal Behavior Homeless-nessHomelessness Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse AngerAnger Higher MortalityHigher Mortality Poorer Physical HealthPoorer Physical Health SadnessSadness
The sense that one's life has meaning and purpose goes along with our ability to make sense of things, and it has been shown to be correlated with everything in a colored circle and anti-correlated with everything in a grey circle.

What You Get with the Workshop

One-of-a-Kind Technology for Personal Sensemaking

As part of the training, you'll get a 1-year subscription to Inqwire Inqwire, a technology for personal sensemaking.

Inqwire Inqwire provides you with tools that enhance and accelerate your ability to enter into productive inquiries to reach insights and understanding about anything in life.

Learn more about Inqwire Inqwire.

Accountability Group Meetups

As part of the workshop, you will get ongoing access to regular accountability group meetups with other Inqwire members.

These meetups will help you schedule the time you need to continue making sense of life.

Self-Guided Course on How to Make Sense of Things

After the workshop, you'll get continued access to a self-guided course with lessons that help you develop essential skills for making sense of things and navigating life, including:

Asking Yourself Quality Questions and Thought Experiments
Clearly Articulating What's on Your Mind
Becoming a Better Self-Listener
Getting Out of Your Head
Gathering Your Attention
Breaking Out of Painful Ways of Thinking
Translating Negative and Challenging Thoughts
And More

Testimonials from Recent Participants

Participants go through the workshop while using Inqwire Lucidly, our tool for personal sensemaking.

"I had a real pressing personal dilemma that was disturbing me, Inqwire Lucidly helped me categorize and frame it in a productive 'Aspect,' and I reached a real resolving insight on a problem I clearly wasn't figuring out on my own.

With continued practice, this tool has now become an intuitive guide to choose-your-own-adventure inquiries. I am so pleased that I purchased a gift subscription of Inqwire Lucidly for my daughter, and I highly recommend others to check it out."

- Ron

"I have been meditating and working with mental performance enhancing techniques for over 20 years.

I found the Inqwire Lucidly tools for working with your mindset and managing the content of your mind to be extremely efficient and effective.

I am getting better results in less than an hour with Inqwire Lucidly than I would with months of effort using other methods."

- Mark

"This was one of the most challenging periods of my life and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without Inqwire Lucidly.

I was throwing my kitchen sink of psychotechnologies at the problem and nothing worked. Inqwire helped when nothing else could.

For that I am supremely grateful."

- Daniel

Attend a Workshop

Tuition: $595
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