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The Sensemaking Intensive

Follow a simple process with powerful tools to make significant progress on getting clear on your life.

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"I learned more about my life in 6 hours of using the Inqwire Software than 2 years of talk therapy."

Tools and Training to Tackle Your Mental Backlog

Everyone has a Backlog. The Backlog is everything that's bothering you and is unresolved in your life. It's what can keep you up at night, keep you feeling stuck, keep you feeling distracted from life. It's what keeps you from feeling clear, centered, connected, energized, and purposeful.

The Sensemaking Intensive is all about tackling your Backlog. You're going to get training, tools, and all the support you need to resolve as much of your Backlog as possible.

"Delving into the Inqwire Software literally has made me feel emotionally and even physically lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

Sensemaking As The Most Important Life Skill

Up until now, there has been a lack of tools and resources for people who are trying to make sense and reach clarity about life on their own.

This is a problem because our ability to make sense is one of the most important skills in life. We need to be able to make sense in order to survive, and we need to be able to make sense in order to live meaningful lives.

And yet, there has been no formal training on how to make sense, or how to get better at it. It’s as though there has been a missing curriculum on solving personal challenges and effectively navigating our lives.

Fortunately, now we know that sensemaking is a process that can be taught. There are essential skills that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. And, there are powerful ways that technology can help to make the process faster.

Skillful sensemaking includes:

  • Switching out of unproductive, circular, and painful thinking patterns
  • Finding the source of what’s bothering you
  • Clearly articulating what’s on your mind
  • Following your senses to reach insights, and navigate life with clarity
  • Asking yourself better questions
  • Exploring life challenges from multiple dimensions
  • Identifying negative and positive cycles in your life
  • Performing clarifying thought experiments
  • Making insights actionable in your life
  • Revealing strategies for making life changes

Make Sense Faster with Technology

During the training, you'll be using sensemaking software that is designed to accelerate your ability to find patterns, reach insights, and navigate life with clarity.

"Inqwire is much more productive (than therapy) I think because it allows me to explore topics at my own pace and allows me to answer questions that offer some insight into my behavior and feelings without adding extra bias or input such as seeing a therapist."

Based on the latest in cognitive science.

The Inqwire Sensemaking Intensive synthesizes well-established research from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology and information science into a single platform designed to help you make sense.

ResilienceResilience High MoraleHigh Morale well-beingwell-being JoyJoy Work EnjoymentWork Enjoyment General HealthGeneral Health HopeHope Life SatisfactionLife Satisfaction Immune FunctionImmune Function VitalityVitality Positive EmotionsPositive Emotions Self WorthSelf Worth Sense of CoherenceSense of Coherence Self ControlSelf Control Self-efficacySelf-efficacy LoveLove Conscien-tiousnessConscientiousness Openness to ExperienceOpenness to Experience HappinessHappiness AdjustmentAdjustment Visual IntelligenceVisual Intelligence Quality of LifeQuality of Life Self-EsteemSelf-Esteem Self-AcceptanceSelf-Acceptance Positive Self RegardPositive Self Regard Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence Self MasterySelf Mastery AutonomyAutonomy GrowthGrowth AmbitionAmbition Personal ResponsibilityPersonal Responsibility Positive OutlookPositive Outlook Future OptimismFuture Optimism Coping with the PastCoping with the Past Emotional FocusEmotional Focus Emotional RegulationEmotional Regulation Transcendent ExperiencesTranscendent Experiences Negative EmotionsNegative Emotions FearFear RuminationRumination StressStress Psychological DistressPsychological Distress NeuroticismNeuroticism ShameShame PsychoticismPsychoticism PTSDPTSD DepressionDepression AnxietyAnxiety Hostility and AggressionHostility and Aggression HopelessnessHopelessness Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation Greater Fear of DeathGreater Fear of Death Criminal BehaviorCriminal Behavior Homeless-nessHomelessness Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse AngerAnger Higher MortalityHigher Mortality Poorer Physical HealthPoorer Physical Health SadnessSadness
Having the sense that one’s life has meaning and purpose is believed to be an outcome of having "made sense of life", also known as "meaning-making", and it has been shown to be correlated with everything in a colored circle and anti-correlated with everything in a grey circle.
"Before Inqwire I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had."
Topics We'll Be Covering

Throughout the training, you will get access to pre-recorded talks and discussions to learn about how sensemaking works, about key sensemaking skills and concepts, and how sensemaking can be applied to different kinds of challenges in your life and in the world. The topics will include things like:

What Factors Block Sensemaking and How to Address Them

How to Build a Productive Sensemaking Relationship with Your Mind

How to Become Unbothered

How to go from Fuzzy to Clear

How to Have More Quality Insights about Your Life

How to Clean Up the Past and Move Forward

How Sensemaking can Increase Your Psychological Well-Being

How to Use Sensemaking for Behavior Change

How to Engage in Collective Sensemaking

How to Increase Your Personal Wisdom and Wise Reasoning Skills

How to Integrate your Life

How to Adopt a Sensemaking Practice

"After using the Inqwire Software, I feel like this might be a viable alternative for a daily therapy session."

Potential Positive Outcomes

As a result of completing the training and sensemaking with Inqwire over time, you could begin to experience:

  • Increased speed at sensemaking in life
  • Improved decision making
  • Enhanced sense of intuition around future outcomes
  • Improved resilience in the face of challenging life circumstances
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of life
  • Greater self-reliance and self-empowerment
  • Improved outlook on life, including feeling more hopeful, connected, valuable, empowered, safe, and purposeful

Make Sense Privately and Securely

Your personal writing stays safe with you and is not allowed on the cloud.

See how we do data different →
"I feel more secure (with the Inqwire Software than with therapy) because I know that it (my writing) is only being seen by me."

Is The Sensemaking Intensive for You?

The Inqwire Program is for anyone who feels like they’re at a time in life when they need to make sense and have time and energy to learn and practice new skills.

But the process of learning to make sense can be challenging at times, and it requires effort and commitment to get the best results.

We want everyone to be as successful as possible. For this reason, we want to work with people who are excited, and who have time and energy for the program.

To help with your decision, we've created a "Self-Application" as a tool to check with yourself if this is right for you.

If you want to be sensemaking, but either don't have the energy, motivation, or interest to stick to a program, drop us a line or chat with us about what might be a better fit.

Self Application

The following questions are here to help you determine for yourself if The Sensemaking Intensive is a good fit right now. Each question is optional, just consider any that seem helpful.
  1. What do you think has been holding you back from making sense of things? Do you think this program addresses that? Do you know of anything else that could address it or address it better?
  2. Are you at a time in your life when you really want to make sense things, or do you think there will be a better time later?
  3. Do you have time and energy to learn and practice a new skill? If not, you may find it difficult to stick with the program as soon as you are stressed for time or energy. If you aren't sure, are there any ways you can ensure you have the time and energy required to practice a new skill?
  4. What do you imagine feeling more clear about life would be like?
  5. Can you imagine any ways your life would be different if you could make sense of things easier or faster?
  6. Can you imagine any ways that feeling more clear about life might significantly influence your relationships with anyone or anything?
  7. Can you imagine how feeling more clear about life might significantly influence your experience within any cultures or groups? Would you be treated differently?
  8. Does the person you are now, a person you've been in the past, or the person you imagine being someday, have anything important to say to you about spending time to do this program at this point in your life?
  9. What do you imagine your life will be like if you never take the time to learn the skills of sensemaking?
If you still aren't sure, and have more questions, you can contact us and someone from the team will respond.
Or if it's clear that this is right for you and you're ready for it, you can sign up to be notified when our next Intensive starts.