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Master Sensemaker Training

The essential training you need to be successful with sensemaking in every aspect of your life.

Learn and Practice How To:
Switch out of unproductive, circular, and painful thinking patterns to go from ruminating to meaning making.
Change your relationship to your mind so that it can develop into a powerful co-pilot for navigating life and the world.
Find the true source of whatever is bothering you and clearly articulate it into accurate concepts that you can productively explore for insights and understanding.
Quickly notice early warning signs of when things don't make sense so you can avoid situations and decisions that could hurt you.
Actively change your state into one that can access higher levels of cognition, reveal insights, and increase feelings of hopefulness, connection, purpose, safety, empowerment, and self-worth.
Understand what influences your resilience to challenging circumstances and actively adjust your life and your perspective to maintain higher resilience.
Engage in high quality inquiry through productive questions and thought experiments for yourself and for others.
Overcome the barriers to sensemaking and protect yourself from people or things that can block your sensemaking abilities.
A 7 Day Training that Includes:
One of a kind sensemaking technology to train your sensemaking skills and accelerate and enhance the sensemaking process.
Access to support from sensemaking coaches.
A 2-Day Sensemaking Immersion to get a deep direct experience and practice with sensemaking.
A Sensemaker Survival Kit to give you an actionable understanding of how to protect your sensemaking abilities from threat and overcome common barriers to sensemaking.
Access to a community of sensemakers.
Tuition: $160

Training Outline

Building Your Relationship to Your Mind
Days 1-5
For days 1 – 5, you will be spending at least an hour a day developing your sensemaking practice and building your relationship to your mind.
Setting, Life Outlook, and Mindset
Day 1
You’ll start by learning how to create an environment that’s supportive of sensemaking, how to tune into your “Life Outlook” as an essential early warning sign for when things aren’t making sense and as a tool for getting feedback on your sensemaking process, and how to get into the right mindset for sensemaking.
Tuning into Senses and Self
Day 2
You’ll learn and practice how to tune into what are called your ‘Cognitive Senses’, which is what you’ll be constantly relying on to navigate your sensemaking process. You’ll also learn and practice how to reconnect with yourself by being with yourself as you are, which is essential for being able to work with the material from your life that most needs your sensemaking care and attention.
Engaging with Content of Your Mind
Day 3
You’ll learn and practice both listening to your mind and asking your mind for things that it wants to bring to your attention.
As part of doing these steps, you may create a significant shift in how you’re used to relating to your mind. The skills you’re practicing here are what will help you develop your brain into an invaluable ally in sensemaking.
Prioritizing and Choosing What to Explore
Day 4
You’ll be learning how to prioritize and choose what topics to make sense of first. You will learn how to pick topics that might seem counterintuitive to start with, but will increase the potential for larger and more fundamental life insights.
Articulating Concepts
Day 5
You’ll learn and practice how to articulate the topics you chose to start making sense of into special concept categories, called “Life Aspects”. You will put these Life Aspects into an Atlas that acts as an artificial memory to supercharge your sensemaking and set you up for reaching larger and more fundamental life insights.
Sensemaking Immersion
Days 6-7
You will start the Sensemaking Immersion leveraging the tools and skills you learned through days 1-5 to be able to productively follow your mind and on a custom sensemaking journey to let the rest of the Immersion unfold. As long as you have set-up these 2 days to have no distractions, and if you continue to use your cognitive senses, you will have everything you need to engage in productive sensemaking.
When you are done with the Sensemaking Immersion, you will have gained a baseline experience to draw upon in planning and creating future sensemaking experiences for yourself or participating in experiences others have created.
Following Curiosity Towards Insights
Day 6
This is the first day of the sensemaking immersion where you will be starting to use the sensemaking technology to explore aspects from your life for insights and understanding. This is a big day to learn about new sensemaking skills required when productively exploring aspects, such as how to work with your imaginative workspace and follow your curiosity.
Working with a Fluid Mind
Day 7
This day is dedicated to more time exploring aspects, and will give you practice with what happens when you lose curiosity and how to work with a fluid mind.
The end of today marks the completion of the core sensemaking training, and you’ll have gained an initial understanding and direct experience with the sensemaking process, and will be ready to apply sensemaking to the rest of your life.
Sensemaker Survival Kit
As part of the training, you'll get Inqwire’s Sensemaker Survival Kit that includes:
• Exercises and explorations that help you:
• Reveal where you sensemaking is being blocked and what to do about it
• Develop strategies for protecting your sensemaking
• Develop strategies for adopting sensemaking across different aspects of your life
Tuition: $160

What People Say About Sensemaking with Inqwire:

We've asked our users how sensemaking with Inqwire's tools has influenced their life, how it has made them feel, and how it compares to their experiences with therapy, with talking things out with friends and family, and with sorting things out through journaling, after using Inqwire's tools for anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. These are some representative responses:

"Before sensemaking with Inqwire I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had."

"Inqwire provides a wonderful tool for stepping back and taking stock of one's life. I love the simplicity of just answering questions that speak to me. Over time I am feeling a stronger sense of peace and confidence as my life is coming back into focus.

I love how everything I capture from my life is presented back to me through the prompts. There have been many times where I am prompted to look for connections and one will jump out and I think 'That's it! I totally see it now!' and I have this moment of clarity where I have a new insight about myself. It's almost like putting together I giant jig-saw puzzle of one's self and seeing a whole picture emerge."

"Sensemaking with Inqwire has opened me up like a book, and taught me how to examine my life in a meaningful and powerful way.

It has provided me with the best return, by far, on my time spent working on myself. Once I saw the patterns within my own life I haven't forgotten them. I am now free to choose to change what I want to, and importantly, to see what I don't want to change.

It is a fun and challenging system that is there 24/7. Insights don't come on a schedule, and I like knowing that Inqwire it there to help me capture and explore them.

I learned more about my life in 6 hours of using the system than 2 years of talk therapy."

"I am naturally a scoffer at self-help tools, for a variety of reasons, none that I can attach to Inqwire. I am astounded how easy it is to use and how diverse it's range is. The prompts were easy and compelling."

There are many things I could go on about my favorite was that I could keep it as simple as I liked. Yet, I realize I could delve into anything I so desired or felt I needed to explore within myself.

The safety net of no one ever being able to access my private thoughts is the most important feature of Inqwire."

"I JUST started using Inqwire this evening and wow. Just wow. I can't believe how quickly I got down deep into some insights that I did NOT have before."

"I measured my life outlook before and after using Inqwire and all of my levels had increased from the beginning of the session by at least 30% -- which makes sense because I felt so much better."

"What I really like is that I can use Inqwire at my own pace, sometimes in a therapy session I feel pressured to say things I’m not comfortable talking about yet."

"I feel more secure (with Inqwire than with therapy) because I know that it is only being seen by me."

"The software let me pause and think. That resembled real life meditation - really cool."

"Inqwire is similar to talking to family and friends. It's almost like venting. I've never been to therapy but I feel like Inqwire is very much like a therapist, asking questions, seeking clarity, etc."

"Sensemaking with Inqwire has been very life changing and very empowering for me. I am a private person by nature but even more so when it comes to my emotional well-being. I am not one to ask for help or seek out the help of others when I am hurting or am confused.

This had lead me to harbor anger and resentment and left me unable to move on in many parts of my life. But Inqwire has changed this.

I am able to go onto the app and work through very private emotions and feelings and get these feelings sorted out in the privacy of my own home. I no longer find myself 'stuck' in an emotional loop but instead am finding resolution and peace. Sensemaking with Inqwire has become part of my daily life."

"Inqwire is much better than talking to others because i'm looking into myself for the answers to my behavior instead of trying to reflect off of someone who may have other biases."

"I was able to talk about several aspects of an issue and explore them in depth. In some ways, Inqwire helped me realize connections that I didn’t even see before in my own life."

"I think Inqwire offers a very unique and practical solution to help people work through anything on their minds."

""Inqwire is much more productive (than therapy) I think because it allows me to explore topics at my own pace and allows me to answer questions that offer some insight in to my behavior and feelings without adding extra bias or input such as seeing a therapist."

"I think Inqwire is much better than journaling because it is guided and allows me to stay on topic."

"After using Inqwire, I feel like this might be a viable alternative for a daily therapy session."

"I think Inqwire eliminates a lot of the deterrences most of us deal with when thinking about talking about certain matters with a friend or family member."

"Delving into Inqwire literally has made me feel emotionally and even physically lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sensemaking a kind of therapy?

Sensemaking is a native process your brain does to make sense of and navigate your life.

There are many ways that our sensemaking abilities become blocked, resulting in painful psychological states and the inability to effectively navigate life.

Inqwire’s sensemaking software is built to both unblock and accelerate these abilities beyond what would be normally possible.

Sensemaking can feel like therapy because it's common for people to go to therapy when they need to do sensemaking, but sensemaking is not therapy.

When should I choose therapy instead?

Therapists are professionally trained to work with and treat mental health issues. If you believe you are suffering from a mental health issue, you should see a trained mental health professional.

If you don’t believe you are suffering from a mental health issue, and you are wanting help making sense of things in life on your own, then sensemaking with Inqwire is a better fit.

Is the training a fit for my situation?

The Master Sensemaker Training is a fit for anyone.

But here are some common scenarios that demand master sensemaking skills and would highly benefit from the skills and training:

  • I am going through a major life transition, career change, quarter or mid-life crisis, and feel a need to get clear on the big picture of my life so I can move forward.
  • I am experiencing challenging thoughts and feelings that are constantly bothering me, distracting me, and interfering with my ability to find peace or rest, and I want to resolve them.
  • I want to optimize my mind to make better decisions, improve my problem-solving skills, and have better foresight.
  • I have been going to therapy or working with a coach, but want a way to reach the insights and answers I need on my own, and be free to do as much or as little work as I need, when I need to do it.
  • I have an ongoing meditation or spiritual practice, and want a way to do psychological work that can be tailored and deeply integrated with my practice.
  • I have been seeking out transformational experiences to change my life, but am struggling to integrate those experiences into real, lasting changes in my life.
  • I want to become a strong leader, a role model, or a better person in general, and want a straightforward way to do the self-work required to get there.
  • My life feels fractured and disconnected, and I want to integrate it all.
  • I know my life needs to change but I’ve been struggling to make changes or don’t know how.
  • I am unsatisfied with my career and am struggling to find my life’s true work.
  • I am mid-life or beyond and want a way to soberly take stock of the first half of life to digest it and move on from the life I was given to becoming an artist of my life.
  • I am struggling to make sense of things in life and don’t want to have to get help from someone else, or I can’t afford to.
  • I am aware the world has changed and will keep changing, and I am struggling to navigate my life and career in this context.
  • I am a young person who is struggling to navigate my future and I don’t know what to do with my life.
  • I am managing, running, leading, or facilitating a group of people and we are struggling to make sense of and solve shared problems.
What kinds of things can I make sense of?

You can work on just about anything you can think of. They can be small things, big things, things in your personal life, or things happening in the world.

Some examples are:

  • Navigating Challenging Life Circumstances
  • Dealing with Painful Emotional States
  • Getting Over The Past
  • Making Difficult Life Decisions
  • Resolving Things that are Bothering You or Feel Unresolved in Your Life
  • Working On Things That Are Holding You Back
  • Working on Relationships
  • Increasing What You Want and Decreasing What You Don't Want in Your Life
  • Making Difficult Behavior Changes
  • Getting Through Quarter-Life or Mid-Life Crises
  • Integrating Your Identities and Who You Are
  • Seeking Meaning and Purpose in Life
How long will it take me to make sense of something?

Sometimes Inqwire users make sense of something within just a few minutes of using the Inqwire sensemaking process. Other times it takes many separate sessions.

No matter how long it takes, Inqwire users report reaching insights and increasing their understanding throughout the sensemaking process.

What do the coaches do?

The coaches are there to help with the sensemaking tools, sensemaking concepts, and your sensemaking process. They are there to help you be successful with learning and applying the essential skills of sensemaking.

You will be able to access coaches through the online sensemaker community space where there are channels available to get support from coaches.

The coaches are not there to give you specific advice about your life, they will only advise on how best to use the sensemaking tools or conduct your sensemaking process. You're the only expert on your life, the coaches are there to support you in engaging your own native sensemaking abilities to use that expertise.

As an additional note, your best teacher with sensemaking comes from direct experience with the process and the tools. Time talking with the coaches is not necessarily more valuable than time learning from experience. A goal of this training is to make you self-reliant in sensemaking. You should take full advantage of the coaches so long as you are not sacrificing confidence that you can rely on yourself through the entire sensemaking process.

What if I'm not successful?

Sensemaking is just like any other skill, it just takes practice to master.

If by the end of the training period you feel as though you still need help with the core sensemaking skills, you don't have to worry, you can continue using the software for $12/month or $6/month if pain anually, and continue to get help from sensemaking coaches along the way towards gaining mastery.

What if I have more questions?

We know that we may not have answered all your questions on this page. If you still have questions, we are more than happy to talk with you.

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Tuition: $160


Inqwire Coaching and Software (The Services) is designed purely for making sense of things in life. The Services do not include the provision of medical care, mental health services or other professional services.