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The simplest way to restore, enhance, and exercise your native sensemaking abilities, alone or with others.
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What is Native?
We are all native ‘sensemakers’, but science shows that our native sensemaking abilities are being blocked and impaired.
Native is an app that leverages the principles from modern cognitive science to restore, enhance and exercise your native sensemaking abilities so you can reconnect with what matters and navigate life with clarity.
How It Works
Native generates simple exercises that help you step back, reach insights, and deepen your understanding of life and the world. The more you use Native, the more you'll restore your native way of thinking and enhance your sensemaking skills.
Sensemaking with Native
Find a Topic That Matches Your Situation
Looking for something specific to make sense of? Browse Native’s library of over 1500 topics that cover things like common scenarios, challenging states, social issues, and aspects of life.
Generate a Timeless Topic
If you’re looking for something to spark your curiosity, you can dial in the kind of reflection you want, and generate a random exercise from a library of over 800 timeless topics to see what Native has in store for you.
Generate and Share Meaningful Writing
As you explore a topic, Native prompts you with a question after each exercise. You can capture a short answer, and at the end you’ll get a structured outline that’s ready to become a meaningful essay, a mini-memoir, a script for a speech or a video, an executive summary, or more.
Do a Daily Practice
Each day, you’ll get a meaningful, big picture topic to explore and make sense of with Native. It’s an easy way to start a daily sensemaking practice where you can exercise your native sensemaking skills while reconnecting with what really matters.
You Can Use Native With Others
Exchange Perspectives Online
As you explore topics, you’ll have the opportunity to anonymously exchange answers and insights with others, which helps you reach new insights and grow your understanding of the larger world you’re part of.
Explore a Topic with a Group
In group mode, Native will help you facilitate a real time sensemaking session with others. You can use group mode with family, friends, your community, or anybody, to exchange perspectives and insights.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my writing go?

Anything you write while using Native stays safe with you and is not stored in the cloud.

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How can I export my data?

You can download everything you've written in Native at any time.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you aren't happy with Native, just drop us a line telling us why, and we will be happy to give you a full refund.