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Software to help you make sense of things.

Make sense of things privately, more effectively, and more affordably with Inqwire's sensemaking software.

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"I learned more about my life in 6 hours of using the Inqwire Software than 2 years of talk therapy."

How does it work?

Find a topic you want to make sense of.
Choose from a growing library of over a thousand common scenarios and topics, or just write a couple of sentences about what’s on your mind, and the Inqwire Software will process your writing and suggest topics to explore.
Follow guided explorations to reach insights.
When you choose a topic to explore, the Inqwire Software will generate a guided exploration that will walk you through a series of imaginative exercises or ‘thought experiments’ designed to help you reach insights and clarity.
"Delving into the Inqwire Software literally has made me feel emotionally and even physically lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

Based on the latest in cognitive science.

Inqwire synthesizes well-established research from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and information science into a single platform designed to help you make sense.

ResilienceResilience High MoraleHigh Morale well-beingwell-being JoyJoy Work EnjoymentWork Enjoyment General HealthGeneral Health HopeHope Life SatisfactionLife Satisfaction Immune FunctionImmune Function VitalityVitality Positive EmotionsPositive Emotions Self WorthSelf Worth Sense of CoherenceSense of Coherence Self ControlSelf Control Self-efficacySelf-efficacy LoveLove Conscien-tiousnessConscientiousness Openness to ExperienceOpenness to Experience HappinessHappiness AdjustmentAdjustment Visual IntelligenceVisual Intelligence Quality of LifeQuality of Life Self-EsteemSelf-Esteem Self-AcceptanceSelf-Acceptance Positive Self RegardPositive Self Regard Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence Self MasterySelf Mastery AutonomyAutonomy GrowthGrowth AmbitionAmbition Personal ResponsibilityPersonal Responsibility Positive OutlookPositive Outlook Future OptimismFuture Optimism Coping with the PastCoping with the Past Emotional FocusEmotional Focus Emotional RegulationEmotional Regulation Transcendent ExperiencesTranscendent Experiences Negative EmotionsNegative Emotions FearFear RuminationRumination StressStress Psychological DistressPsychological Distress NeuroticismNeuroticism ShameShame PsychoticismPsychoticism PTSDPTSD DepressionDepression AnxietyAnxiety Hostility and AggressionHostility and Aggression HopelessnessHopelessness Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation Greater Fear of DeathGreater Fear of Death Criminal BehaviorCriminal Behavior Homeless-nessHomelessness Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse AngerAnger Higher MortalityHigher Mortality Poorer Physical HealthPoorer Physical Health SadnessSadness
Having the sense that one’s life has meaning and purpose is believed to be an outcome of having "made sense of life", also known as "meaning-making", and it has been shown to be correlated with everything in a colored circle and anti-correlated with everything in a grey circle.
"Before Inqwire I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had."

Reach Insights Faster with Technology

The Inqwire Software is built on state of the art sensemaking technology that’s designed to accelerate your ability to find patterns, reach insights, and navigate life with clarity.

"I just started using the Inqwire Software this evening and wow. Just wow. I can't believe how quickly I got down deep into some insights that I did NOT have before."

Make Sense Privately and Securely

Anything you write while using the Inqwire Software stays safe with you and is not allowed on the cloud.

See how we do data different →
"I feel more secure (with the Inqwire Software than with therapy) because I know that it (my writing) is only being seen by me."

Access to a Sensemaking Coach

Get access to a Sensemaking Coach if you ever need help making sense of something in your life.

Just schedule a time to chat about what you're trying to make sense of, and your coach will create a custom plan for what to work on using Inqwire.

Our Sensemaking Coaches have hundreds of hours of sensemaking under their belts, and will be available to support you in the sensemaking process through secure messaging.

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Essential Skills for Life

As you spend time with the Inqwire Software, it automatically trains you in essential cognitive skills that you can leverage for the rest of your life.

These skills include:

  • Switching out of unproductive, circular, and painful thinking patterns
  • Finding the source of what’s bothering you
  • Clearly articulating what’s on your mind
  • Following your senses to reach insights, and navigate life with clarity
  • Asking yourself better questions
  • Exploring life challenges from multiple dimensions
  • Identifying negative and positive cycles in your life
  • Performing clarifying thought experiments
  • Making insights actionable in your life
  • Revealing strategies for making life changes

Ready to start sensemaking?


Inqwire Coaching and Software (The Services) is designed purely for making sense of things in life. The Services do not include the provision of medical care, mental health services or other professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy?

This is not therapy, this is what’s called “Sensemaking”. Sensemaking is a native process your brain does to make sense of and navigate your life.

There are many ways that our sensemaking abilities become blocked, resulting in painful psychological states and the inability to effectively navigate life.

Inqwire’s sensemaking software is built to both unblock and accelerate these abilities beyond what would be normally possible.

When should I choose therapy instead?

Therapists are professionally trained to work with and treat mental health issues. If you believe you are suffering from a mental health issue, you should see a trained mental health professional.

If you don’t believe you are suffering from a mental health issue, and you are wanting help making sense of things in life on your own, then sensemaking with Inqwire is a better fit.

How is this cheaper than therapy?

If you go to a therapist to help you make sense of things, you’ll likely spend most of your time doing sensemaking by talking with the therapist. It can take multiple sessions of talking to make sense of a single topic.

At an average of $60 to $120 a session, this adds up really fast.

Inqwire has built a computer program that is designed to do the essential things a therapist does to help someone make sense of things and reach insights. And as it turns out, a computer can do these things exceptionally well. This is why Inqwire is so effective and affordable.

With Inqwire, you get a software “coach” to help you explore and make sense of the topic on your own.

This way you get hours of productive, private, on-demand exploration time around something you want to make sense of, what you would normally have to pay a therapist to do, included for the price of an affordable monthly subscription.

If you want help making sense of things, but don't want to learn a lot of new software, then Inqwire Coaching might be a better fit.

How long will it take me to make sense of something?

Sometimes Inqwire users make sense of something within just a few minutes of using the Inqwire Software. Other times it takes many separate sessions.

No matter how long it takes, Inqwire users report reaching insights and increasing their understanding throughout the process of making sense of something.

What kinds of things can I make sense of?

You can work on just about anything you can think of. They can be small things, big things, things in your personal life, or things happening in the world.

Some examples are:

  • Navigating Challenging Life Circumstances
  • Dealing with Painful Emotional States
  • Getting Over The Past
  • Making Difficult Life Decisions
  • Resolving Things that are Bothering You or Feel Unresolved in Your Life
  • Working On Things That Are Holding You Back
  • Working on Relationships
  • Increasing What You Want and Decreasing What You Don't Want in Your Life
  • Making Difficult Behavior Changes
  • Getting Through Quarter-Life or Mid-Life Crises
  • Integrating Your Identities and Who You Are
  • Seeking Meaning and Purpose in Life
What if I have more questions?

We know that we may not have answered all your questions on this page. If you still have questions, we are more than happy to talk with you.

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What's it like to make sense of things with Inqwire?

Maybe you've been trying hard for years to make sense of something big in your life and nothing has worked. You might be feeling drained, hopeless, demoralized, and feel like maybe it's not possible to reach clarity.

More often than not, when you can't make sense of something, it's because there are pieces of the puzzle that you’re missing. These missing pieces will never be found by thinking about things in the same way you've been thinking about them, or looking harder for answers in the same places you've been looking. Instead, you need a way to look in new places and think about things in different ways.

The problem is that most products, approaches, systems, or methods out there don’t help you do this. Instead, they try to convince you that they have the missing pieces you need, and then sell them to you, even when they’re the wrong fit. We are bombarded with a menu of pre-defined solutions we can choose from, and many people get lost or stuck in painstaking analysis to try to find the right choice.

Inqwire is the only tool that’s designed to accelerate your own ability to find the pieces you’ve been missing so you can make sense of things and reach clarity about life, without prescribing anything, giving you advice, or telling you what to do.

It does this by giving you skills and tools for breaking out of the thinking patterns you've been stuck in, finding new ways to approach the problem, and systematically searching for answers where you haven't looked before.

As you find the missing pieces, you will come to reach a deeper level of understanding about things in your life. As a result of this understanding, what to do will become clear. You might reveal that you need to take a certain action, make a specific change, wait for a change to happen, or even take no action at all.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with analysis, list-making, or hard thinking to pick a pre-defined solution that may not work for you, Inqwire enables you to find your own path and reveal clear solutions that make sense for you and your life.


How much time should I plan to spend?

If you plan to commit a minimum of 20-60 minutes, 3 times per week, you should be able to complete all the exercises, become confident with the process of making sense, and make progress on your backlog. If you need more time or you want to go at a slower place, you can always extend your access to the program material and the software.

However, if you can spend more time than this, you should.

The more time you spend with Inqwire, the more you will be exposing your mind to how it feels and how it works to think about your life in a new way. Over time, your mind will recognize how this way of thinking is more effective and it will naturally choose it more and more over dead-end, lower-level ways of thinking - even when you are away from Inqwire. This adds another level of acceleration to your ability to make sense.

In parallel, the more time you spend learning and practicing this new way of thinking, the less you will be affected by the lower-level ways of thinking that we are constantly exposed to in the world through social media, the news, and the people around us, allowing you to stop losing valuable time and energy and further add a level of acceleration to your ability to make sense.

Because of this, to get the most out of the Inqwire Sensemaking Intensive and the most acceleration to your ability to make sense and gain clarity in life, you should plan on spending as much time as you can on the program. Some participants may even arrange to do part or all of the intensive while on retreat.


How does coaching work?

The Inqwire Sensemaking Intensive is intended to give you the ability to navigate the process of making sense of things on your own, in a self-guided way.

To do this, Inqwire comes with integrated coaching and guidance delivered by an automated Inqwire Guide that walks you through the training exercises and the steps of making sense of things. You have control over each step of the process, but the Guide is always there to support you along the way. This ensures that your actual experiences with making sense of things are solitary, self-guided, and private.

In addition, we have plans where you can get access to a trained Sensemaking Coach, with unlimited email support, and weekly coaching calls either as a group or 1-on-1.

Unlike a therapist or life coach, you will never be expected or required to share the personal details of what you're working on with your coach. Your coach is there to help you with the process of sensemaking, with getting the most out of Inqwire, and will helping you set goals and stay on track.


What kinds of results should I expect?

There are three kinds of results that you can expect from completing The Sensemaking Intensive and from using Inqwire over time. You should expect to gain clarity about your life, gain new skills, and start to experience positive effects on your life.

1. Gain Clarity about Your Life

First and foremost, you should expect to reach insights that increase your clarity around things you're trying to make sense of in life. The amount of progress you make will depend on what you're trying to make sense of and the quality of time you spend with Inqwire.

2. Gain New Skills

You will learn and practice the essential cognitive skills needed to make sense of things on your own. This is the primary objective of The Sensemaking Intensive.

By the end of the intensive, you should feel confident that you gained a new set of skills that you can apply to your life. By continuing to use Inqwire after the intensive, you should expect to continually strengthen and maintain these cognitive skills over time.

    These cognitive skills include:
  • Switching out of unproductive, circular, and painful thinking patterns
  • Finding the source of what’s bothering you
  • Clearly articulating what’s on your mind
  • Following your senses to reach insights, and navigate life with clarity
  • Asking yourself better questions
  • Exploring life challenges from multiple dimensions
  • Identifying negative and positive cycles in your life
  • Performing clarifying thought experiments
  • Making insights actionable in your life
  • Revealing strategies for making life changes
3. Positive Effects on Life

Researchers who study meaning-making find that the ability to make sense of life and the resulting feeling that one's life has meaning correlates with just about every measure of well-being and anti-correlates with a variety of illnesses, diseases, and disorders.

The more you develop this sense that your life has meaning through gaining clarity about your life and practicing the cognitive skills, you could start to experience a number of positive effects during the program and/or through continued use of Inqwire over time.

    These effects could include:
  • Less time spent in your head, more time living life
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced sense of intuition around future outcomes
  • Improved resilience in the face of challenging life circumstances
  • Increased self-awareness and deeper understanding of life
  • Greater self-reliance and self-empowerment
  • Improved outlook on life, including feeling more hopeful, connected, valuable, empowered, safe, and purposeful

You can learn more about the positive effects of sensemaking in The Science of Sensemaking.


Does this work with other tools or practices?

Inqwire is complementary to and can enhance many other practices.

This is because Inqwire gives you a way to take the content of what you're exploring with your other practices, explore it deeper, and integrate it into the context of your life.

And, because Inqwire is designed to accelerate your ability to reach insights and gain clarity around what you're exploring, you are likely to make faster progress in your existing practices.

For example, after journaling, you can use Inqwire to explore the important topics that came up in your writing to reveal connections and insights.

Or, as you're meditating, you can write down things that come to mind, then later use Inqwire to address them with your full attention in a meaningful, productive way.

If you are working with a therapist, mentor, or coach, you can use Inqwire as a homework tool to take the topics you talked about in person and dive in deeper on your own time and in complete privacy.


Is everything done on the computer?

Not everything is done on the computer. The Sensemaking Intensive includes activities that will require you to be at your computer, as well as activities that can be done away from your computer or with your phone.

That said, if you are uncomfortable with or fill intimidated by learning to use new software, The Sensemaking Intensive may not be the best fit for you.


Will I be able to keep using the software after the intensive?

Yes, once the Intensive is over, you will have the option to continue using the software at any time for a monthly subscription.


How did you come up with the technology?

Unlike many systems, processes, or frameworks, the technology in Inqwire did not come out of someone’s imagination, personal life experience, or theory for what should help people think better and make sense.

Instead, the technology was developed over 9 years, starting with a systematic review of what techniques have worked to help people make sense, pulling from diverse domains such as memoir writing, wisdom traditions, collective intelligence, and a multitude of therapeutic methods.

This was followed with a painstaking search for the most complete scientific explanations from psychology, to sociology, cognitive science, and neuroscience for what makes these techniques work.

This cross field scientific survey resulted in the distillation of a set of fundamental scientific mechanisms and guiding principles that served as a blueprint for the creation of a universal model and technology for making sense. To get a sense of the largest contributions to this blueprint by field, see the references and The Principles.

The founders combine backgrounds in cognitive science and building enterprise-grade optimization software for solving the world’s hardest problems to turn this blueprint into a complete, one of a kind technology for sensemaking.


What is the science behind this?

Inqwire is based on the most current and well-established research across the cognitive sciences. More specifically, it draws on understanding from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and information science.


Does this use AI or machine learning?

Inqwire is an intelligence amplification technology (IA), which is in many ways the complete opposite of modern Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI attempts to solve problems and perform tasks that would normally be done by a human. IA is designed to augment and enhance humans in doing what we do best - make sense.

When it comes to sensemaking, the human brain is not only vastly superior and more powerful than any AI system, your brain in particular is the only thing that is capable of making sense of and navigating your unique life.

This is because sensemaking requires higher levels of cognition that only the human brain can perform. No AI system is capable of thinking or operating at these higher levels. Even if an AI system of the future was capable of these higher levels of cognition, only your brain has access to all the information that’s needed about your life to make sense of it and navigate it successfully.

Because of this, it would be nonsensical and even dangerous to allow any AI system to solve your personal problems, make major life decisions for you, or tell you what direction to go in life.

Instead, what does make sense is to use tools that augment and enhance your brain’s native abilities to make sense.

IA may be an unfamiliar concept, but you have likely been using tools IA for years without realizing it. IA is what computing systems and software has been predominantly designed for since the beginning of computing.

We created computers to overcome our own cognitive limitations, enabling us to amplify our intelligence for the purpose of solving some of the world’s hardest problems such as weather prediction, scheduling and planning, space travel, and now - sensemaking.


What happens with my personal data?

Nothing you enter or write about in Inqwire is stored on the cloud in our servers. Everything is saved directly to your computer or phone.

If you’d like to keep your data synced across multiple devices, you have the option of using a Dropbox plug-in to make this possible.

See how we do data different →

You might be wondering, “but don’t you need my data?”. Because Inqwire is Intelligence Amplification (IA) technology, not Artificial Intelligence (AI), it does not need to use big data or statistical machine learning. This means Inqwire doesn't want or need any of your personal data in order to improve. It's improved as scientific understanding progresses.


How do I know if this is right for me?

The Inqwire Sensemaking Intensive is for anyone who feels like they’re at a time in life when they need to get clear about things and have time and energy to learn and practice new skills. This is an experience that requires time and energy to get the most out of it, so it works best for people who are deeply motivated to make an effort to make sense of and improve their lives.

Additionally, the process of sensemaking requires you to follow your curiosity to reveal insights about your life as you go. This process may lead you to naturally explore deeper or larger areas of your life that don’t ‘add up’ and need to be made sense of. In order to be successful with the intensive, you also need to be at a time in your life where you are willing to visit these areas of your life.

We encourage you to take your time to evaluate if this is right for you and if it's the right time for you.

In making your decision, you may find it helpful to read The Science of Sensemaking, and we are happy to talk with you more to answer any questions.


How much does it cost?

For $150, you get the Inqwire Core Program and over 23 audio exercises with a month of the Inqwire software included.

If you’d like to continue using the Inqwire software after that, it’s $12/month which you can start and stop at any time.

Be a Study Participant Instead
Alternatively, you can participate in The Inqwire Core Program as part of a research study on life wisdom we are conducting in conjunction with the University of Florida.

As a study participant you will get to do the full Inqwire experience at no cost. However as part of the study, you may be randomly assigned to a waitlist and will not be able to begin the Core Program for 60 days. You will also be asked to complete a before, after, and followup survey.

We are doing the study to learn if using Inqwire accelerates the development of qualities of wisdom, compassion, and well-being that are assumed to take a lifetime to develop. In other words, we want to know, does Inqwire provide a faster way to become measurably wiser?

Sign up on the waitlist.


What if I'm not successful?

We want you to be as successful as possible with The Inqwire Core Program. We know that if used correctly and skillfully, Inqwire can deliver life-changing results.

That said, if you complete all the exercises and put in the time and energy, your coach gives you the help you need, and you still aren't getting value out of the Core Program, we'll give you your money back.


Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

You can contact us with additional questions and someone from the team will respond. Click Here: Contact Us

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