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Inqwire Self-Guided Retreats
A simple step-by-step way to design your own custom self-guided sensemaking retreat, whenever you want, for as long as you want.
You Know When It’s Time to Make Sense of Things
There are times in life when you know you need to make sense of things.
Maybe you need to make sense of the past, prepare or plan for your future, clear your head and get a handle on things, make a big decision, or navigate a major challenge.
Maybe all you know is you need some kind of big personal or life change. Or maybe you have the sense that you need to spend some quality time reconnecting with yourself.
But Sensemaking Alone is Hard
If you take time out to make sense of things, you want to make sure you’re going to use that time as productively as possible. You want to come out the other side with solutions and clarity around your life.
But managing your own sensemaking process is hard. Without help, you can find yourself thinking in circles, feeling stuck alone with your thoughts that aren’t going anywhere, or easily distracted without clear direction or focus. So what can you do?
Inqwire’s Self-Guided Retreats Give You the Support You Need
Inqwire’s Self-Guided Retreat gives you everything you need to design the perfect sensemaking experience for you. You get the right tools and the right support that will ensure your time sensemaking is productive, and leads to real insights about your life.