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Enhance Your Natural Intelligence for Navigating Life

Lucidly is technology that helps you restore, protect, and enhance your natural intelligence for making sense of things and navigating life.

Why Technology for Natural Intelligence?

When our natural intelligence breaks down, we get stuck in a way of thinking that is extremely difficult to pull ourselves out of on our own.
Historically, humans have done various things to solve this problem. We use other people for help, and we create rituals, symbols, and language to restore and engage natural intelligence. But the approaches of our past have critical limitations against the present day challenges to our natural intelligence.
Now with new understanding from 21st century cognitive science and modern technology, we can build technology systems that can support our mind like we already do for analytic intelligence, but now for natural intelligence, and with great precision.
Not only can we use technology to restore natural intelligence, we can use it to greatly enhance and amplify natural intelligence beyond what is otherwise possible.
When delivered in the form of an affordable and scalable computer system, this means that anybody has the ability to restore and enhance their natural intelligence so that they can liberate themselves from painful mental states and navigate towards what makes sense, alone and with others.
Learn more with our video about The Most Powerful Kind of Intelligence.

Transform Painful and Unproductive Mental States

Many challenging mental states are either symptoms of when our natural intelligence system has broken down, or they are our natural intelligence system trying to tell us something important.

While many practices teach you to ignore or suppress those states, Lucidly gives you specific tools to productively work with these states and turn them into the seeds for new insights, new understanding, and new solutions.

“Before Lucidly I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had.

Accelerate Insights with an Artificial Memory

Not only can technology restore natural intelligence, it can radically enhance and amplify natural intelligence. By curating an artificial memory with Lucidly, you can accelerate the process of reaching insights by orders of magnitude.

This makes it theoretically possible for anyone to reach integrated, holistic understandings of their life and world within a short period of time.

"I can't believe how quickly I got down deep into some insights that I did not have before."

Comprehensive Inquiry Process to Help You Reach Clarity

Lucidly has carefully constructed a comprehensive set of inquiries that are specifically designed to guide you towards an integrated understanding of any topic.

Enter any topic you want insights around, and Lucidly will walk you through a custom guided inquiry process to get the clarity you need.

90% of Users Reach Insights Within 20 Minutes

*We used Amazon Mechanical Turk to recruit 29 people to spend 20 minutes with Lucidly.

Natural Language Listening Helps Find the Meaning in Your Writing

When you're struggling to make sense of things and you're feeling fuzzy, you need someone or something to listen and help you identify unexamined topics to explore and understand.

Lucidly's Natural Language Listener is a technology that x-rays your writing for meaningful aspects to explore, then lets you seamlessly launch into a guided inquiry about those aspects.

Built-In Training Program and Exercises

Restoring and strengthening natural intelligence is a process that can be taught. There are essential skills that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. And, there are powerful ways that technology can help to make the process faster.

When you sign up for the Lucidly software, you also get built-in training and exercises that develop the essential skills you need to restore and apply natural intelligence to your life and world.

Work Privately and Securely

Anything you write or work on with Lucidly stays safe with you and is not allowed on the cloud.

"I feel more secure with Lucidly because I know that my writing is only being seen by me."

Apply Your Natural Intelligence Around:

Past Experiences

- Chapters
- Events
- Relationships
- Parts of Yourself
- Etc.

Challenging Situations

- Work Situations
- Living Situations
- Life Transitions
- Life Disruptions
- Etc.

Future Possibilities

- Career Decisions
- Life Decisions
- Future Preparedness
- Revealing Opportunities
- Etc.


- Dating
- Family Members
- Friends
- Co-Workers
- Etc.

Goals & Behaviors

- Goal Setting
- Sticking to New Habits
- Overcoming Obstacles
- Revealing Steps to Success
- Etc.

And a lot more!

Lucidly can help you apply natural intelligence, alone and with others, to all kinds of use cases.

Get Started

Get the only solution for restoring, protecting, and engaging your natural intelligence, alone and with others.

"This has provided me with the best return, by far, on my time spent working on myself."


We've asked our users how working things out with Lucidly's tools has influenced their life, how it has made them feel, and how it compares to their experiences with therapy, with talking things out with friends and family, and with sorting things out through journaling, after using Lucidly's tools for anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. These are some representative responses:

"Facilitating a group process with Lucidly was a wonderful experience, really effective, and pulled on my natural skills as a facilitator. The software could ‘hold space’ and I felt supported in running the group. I could imagine this helping facilitators hold on to the role even if the group dynamics are difficult."

"I was hoping for a good family conversation where we could learn more about each other and I got that with Lucidly!"

"I like using Lucidly with others as an activity because it feels deeper and more guided than a normal conversation."

"Using Lucidly with my family makes dinner less silent and more meaningful. It brings our family together."

"I think using Lucidly would be fun at church or bible study because it would help break the ice and it gives thought experiments that are easy for anyone to relate to."

"Using Lucidly helped me learn more about others in my family."

"When I'm participating in a group using Lucidly, I love that I can just choose to listen because I always learn something."

"Before Lucidly I was constantly in the background thinking about my life without really even noticing. Now it is like all of that is cleared out. I feel as though I found a center I didn't know I had, or forgot I had."

"Lucidly provides a wonderful tool for stepping back and taking stock of one's life. I love the simplicity of just answering questions that speak to me. Over time I am feeling a stronger sense of peace and confidence as my life is coming back into focus.

I love how everything I capture from my life is presented back to me through the prompts. There have been many times where I am prompted to look for connections and one will jump out and I think 'That's it! I totally see it now!' and I have this moment of clarity where I have a new insight about myself. It's almost like putting together I giant jig-saw puzzle of one's self and seeing a whole picture emerge."

"Lucidly has opened me up like a book, and taught me how to examine my life in a meaningful and powerful way.

It has provided me with the best return, by far, on my time spent working on myself. Once I saw the patterns within my own life I haven't forgotten them. I am now free to choose to change what I want to, and importantly, to see what I don't want to change.

It is a fun and challenging system that is there 24/7. Insights don't come on a schedule, and I like knowing that Lucidly is there to help me capture and explore them.

I learned more about my life in 6 hours of using the system than 2 years of talk therapy."

"I am naturally a scoffer at self-help tools, for a variety of reasons, none that I can attach to Lucidly. I am astounded how easy it is to use and how diverse its range is. The prompts were easy and compelling."

There are many things I could go on about my favorite was that I could keep it as simple as I liked. Yet, I realize I could delve into anything I so desired or felt I needed to explore within myself.

The safety net of no one ever being able to access my private thoughts is the most important feature of Lucidly."

"I JUST started using Lucidly this evening and wow. Just wow. I can't believe how quickly I got down deep into some insights that I did NOT have before."

"I measured my life outlook before and after using Lucidly and all of my levels had increased from the beginning of the session by at least 30% -- which makes sense because I felt so much better."

"What I really like is that I can use Lucidly at my own pace, sometimes in a therapy session I feel pressured to say things I’m not comfortable talking about yet."

"I feel more secure (with Lucidly than with therapy) because I know that it is only being seen by me."

"The software let me pause and think. That resembled real life meditation - really cool."

"Lucidly is similar to talking to family and friends. It's almost like venting. I've never been to therapy but I feel like Lucidly is very much like a therapist, asking questions, seeking clarity, etc."

"Lucidly has been very life changing and very empowering for me. I am a private person by nature but even more so when it comes to my emotional well-being. I am not one to ask for help or seek out the help of others when I am hurting or am confused.

This had lead me to harbor anger and resentment and left me unable to move on in many parts of my life. But Lucidly has changed this.

I am able to go onto the app and work through very private emotions and feelings and get these feelings sorted out in the privacy of my own home. I no longer find myself 'stuck' in an emotional loop but instead am finding resolution and peace. Using Lucidly has become part of my daily life."

"Lucidly is much better than talking to others because i'm looking into myself for the answers to my behavior instead of trying to reflect off of someone who may have other biases."

"I was able to talk about several aspects of an issue and explore them in depth. In some ways, Lucidly helped me realize connections that I didn’t even see before in my own life."

"I think Lucidly offers a very unique and practical solution to help people work through anything on their minds."

"Lucidly is much more productive (than therapy) I think because it allows me to explore topics at my own pace and allows me to answer questions that offer some insight in to my behavior and feelings without adding extra bias or input such as seeing a therapist."

"I think Lucidly is much better than journaling because it is guided and allows me to stay on topic."

"After using Lucidly, I feel like this might be a viable alternative for a daily therapy session."

"I think Lucidly eliminates a lot of the deterrences most of us deal with when thinking about talking about certain matters with a friend or family member."

"Delving into Lucidly literally has made me feel emotionally and even physically lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this work with other things I am doing for my general well-being?

Lucidly easily compliments other things you may be doing for your general well-being. Simply add it to your existing repertoire of practices or activities.

What’s your refund policy?

If for any reason you aren't finding success with Lucidly, or you aren't happy with the level of success you're having, send us a message. We will do everything in our power to help you, and if we can't, we will refund the full amount of your purchase.

What is this based on?

Lucidly is based on a synthesis of science from across fields that, taken together, contribute to a general understanding of natural intelligence.

Learn more about our story.

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