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What if you already have all the answers, you just need the right questions?

Inqwire empowers you to find patterns, generate insights, and navigate your life with clarity.

Inqwire is the only software tool specifically designed to help you work things
out on your own.

Judgment Free
Complete Privacy

Find the right questions to unlock key insights and solutions

Questions are something we experience every day, but their power often goes unnoticed. When we ask ourselves bad questions, we not only get bad answers, bad questions can cause poor and cloudy thinking. On the other hand, good questions are very powerful tools for clear thinking. Good questions helped great thinkers like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci discover the insights that led to some of humanity's greatest accomplishments.

What if you could find the right questions to help you find solutions to the complexities of your life? Inqwire question engine contains a comprehensive set of hundreds of question templates. It uses cognitive modeling to dynamically generate carefully structured questions to help you find insights and solutions around the most challenging parts of life.

"[After using Inqwire] I feel as though I found a center
I didn't know I had." - Anonymous

Making sense of life is slow, Inqwire is designed to make it faster.

When it comes to making sense of life, we face a variety of barriers that make it slow to impossible to achieve within our lifetime. Because of this, most of us find ourselves in a chronic state of feeling 'behind' in life - a general feeling as though life doesn't make sense. Some of us may even believe it's not possible for life to make sense.

But there are lots of problems that were slow to impossible before we designed special tools to help us solve them through cognitive modeling. The power of cognitive modeling, together with the New Science of Cognition are behind how Inqwire is designed to help you overcome these barriers to making sense and accelerate your abilities to identify patterns, connect the dots and make sense of your life.

"Being able to start making initial connections between events, behaviors, beliefs, etc is helping me to change how I perceive myself, and [perceive] why my motivations are what they are." - Anonymous

A safe, private space.

Your personal information stays on your computer, not the Internet.

We understand how important it is to know you can trust any technology that is interacting with personal information. Because of that, Inqwire does not store any of your personal writing or information on our servers. Instead, you are in control of where to store your personal writing and information on your computer’s hard drive.

Inqwire never introduces any evaluations, diagnostics, or judgments.

Inqwire creates a safe, private and secure space for you and only you to reveal what you are uniquely qualified to know best, your own life. Inqwire doesn't try to figure out your life, give you advice, or act like a person. You are free to think and write about whatever you like without fear of judgment.

"This program allows [me] to express emotions and my thoughts in complete confidentiality." - Anonymous

Making sense of life is like
conditioning for the mind.


Science tells us that as people make sense of life, their resilience strengthens. With Inqwire, you can track how your resilience changes over time, and learn how to use Inqwire in ways that work to increase your resilience more effectively.


We now know from science that anyone, independent of age, race, gender, and wealth, can become wise, and that wise reasoning is a skill that can be trained and developed. When you use Inqwire, you are directly training your wise reasoning skills.


As you make sense of your own life, you’ll begin to see patterns and understand the details of how things work as well. With this knowledge, it becomes easier to make wise decisions in life to prepare for things to come.

Inqwire is based on the state of the art.

Inqwire synthesizes well-established research from the fields of education research, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology and information science into a single platform designed to help you make sense.

Are you a researcher interested in collaborating with us?


Inqwire may be for you if you are working on...

Working through a Major Life Transitions
Increasing your Focus and Clarity of Mind
Restoring a Sense of Meaning or Purpose
Finding a new Life Direction or Career Path
Increasing your Resilience
Finding your Intrinsic Motivation or Gain Clarity around Life Goals
Distilling and Sharing your Life Wisdom
Increasing the Quality of your Decision Making
Putting the Past Behind you

*Disclaimer: Inqwire does not diagnose or treat any kind of medical condition or mental illness. Inqwire is not a medical intervention or supplement. It is a tool, in the same way that a spreadsheet or a map is a tool, that is designed to help you make sense and navigate your life.

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