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Unlock the Insights You Need with The Power of Inquiry

Inqwire's one-of-a-kind inquiry technology makes it possible for individuals and groups to access powerful inquiry processes around any topic.

What Can You Do with an
Inquiry Technology?

These are some simple ideas for how Inqwire can help in a variety of scenarios.

Coaching & Counseling

Inqwire tools make it simple for anyone, including peer support specialists, caregivers, and community facilitators, to facilitate a safe therapeutic inquiry process for individuals and groups, in real-time or asynchronously, with very little training.

Life Learning & Growth

Inqwire tools can find meaningful topics in a short journal entry, then guide users through therapeutic-inquiry processes to reach insights, understanding, and clarity around personal issues and challenges.

Teaching & Education

Inqwire tools can auto-generate inquiry-based homework assignments around custom topics in the lesson plan that train students in critical thinking and reasoning skills, for K-12, college, and adult education.


Inqwire tools can allow consultants, managers, or executives to generate and deliver high-quality surveys that leverage workforce intelligence to drive decision-making, problem-solving, professional development, innovation, and more.

Research & Discovery

Inqwire tools make it easy to instantly create and curate neutral, bias-free questions that collect rich information from target customers, users, stakeholders, and communities of interest.

Conflict Resolution

Inqwire tools can allow any manager, co-worker, or other 3rd parties to easily facilitate an inquiry process to resolve workplace issues and conflicts, without costly and lengthy training.

The Technology

Inqwire provides tools and training around the core technology needed for restoring, protecting, and enhancing natural intelligence.

Natural Language Processing

The Inqwire Natural Language Processor looks through natural writing to identify relevant, meaningful, and important topics from writing.

An Inquiry Engine

The Inquiry Engine generates a comprehensive set of custom, open-ended inquiries about any topic to facilitate learning, insight, creativity, problem-solving and more.

System of Record of Meaning

You can capture and model responses into a system of record that can be shared, explored, and leveraged in a variety of workflows.

Based 100% on 21st-Century Cognitive Science

21st-century cognitive science has completely changed the scientific understanding of the brain and cognition.
It's now known that we all rely on a powerful form of intelligence called 'natural intelligence' to successfully make sense of things and navigate the world.
But when our natural intelligence breaks down, it leads to painful psychological states, the inability to think clearly, failing to make sense of things, and much more.
Fortunately, modern cognitive science has revealed that the right kinds of inquiry, or questions, can restore our natural intelligence, and with an inquiry-technology, we can even enhance it.
Inqwire is based 100% on principles distilled from 21st-century cognitive science to restore and enhance natural intelligence through inquiry.
Learn more with our video about The Most Powerful Kind of Intelligence.

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