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Everyone deserves a world that makes sense.

Inqwire is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to provide tools, training, and environments that help people make sense of things individually and collectively.

Inqwire is a smart software tool that helps you reach insights and clarity in your life.

Just choose a topic, then you'll be guided through clarifying custom reflections, questions, and thought experiments.

It works for life decisions, challenging situations, relationships, and more.

Our Story

The project was started in 2009 to address all the ways the western world wasn’t reflecting the best of humanity and its intrinsic natural intelligence. In the years since, this failure in natural intelligence has been more broadly recognized as “wisdom poverty”, “the sensemaking crisis”, “the meaning crisis”, “the meta-crisis", and has been implicated in contributing to “the mental health crisis”.
To address the failure in natural intelligence, Inqwire’s approach was to answer the question: How could and how should technology be engineered to amplify the kind of intelligence we need to thrive both individually and collectively, in the present and in the long term?
Towards this end, Inqwire was founded as a benefit corporation, bound to the mission statement to only build what ultimately restores, protects, and enhances natural intelligence towards helping people make sense of things and create a world that makes sense.
Being a benefit corporation means that we cannot go against that mission for shareholder interest. And our mission, to help create a world that makes sense, demands that we must continually search for the best scientific explanations to base our technologies on. This means we are not tied to any specific scientific theories, approaches, research groups, or models. Instead, we are beholden to revealing the latest scientific understanding and continually adapting our offerings based on that understanding.
In this way, we are science agnostic and benefit from any and all scientific criticisms and advancements.
If you are a researcher and you have any criticisms to the science we cite when discussing natural intelligence or our technology, if you feel as though there is something important we've missed, if you have any new ideas about how to reinterpret the existing science or synthesize the science into better understandings, or if you are a researcher who wants to use the Inqwire platform for basic scientific research into natural intelligence, we’d love to talk to you.
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